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Hello, if you are looking for a character generator for the "The Dark Eye" [] basic-rules you have come to the right place. The program is licensed under GPL, so it can be freely distributed.

To run the program you need a Java runtime environment installed on your computer. You can get Java here. The program needs at least version 6 of Java.

The rules used by the program are the German TDE rules of the revised 4th edition. They are not 100% compatible with the English rules. For example there are more Special Abilities and (Dis)Advantages. There is a translation of the additional rules available in the files section of the dark eye yahoo group. If you have still questions about the rules or The Dark Eye in general, you can always write to the group's mailing list.

Latest Version

Version 0.8.7 update 2 released on 2015-08-07.

Resolved bug when saving a hero with Spell Wing of Eagle.

Additional races, cultures and professions

Since Version 0.7 it is possible to enter new races, cultures and professions in the program. I entered a lot of data from the rule book "Wege der Helden" (Chosen Heroes) and this data is available for download. The download is a zip-File. If you unzip it a directory "tdechargendata" is created. In the program select Data->Select Data Source ... from the menu and select the directory as Data Source.

Download additional races, cultures and professions. (117 KB)

Version 2 released on 2010-02-28: Added Profession Road Guard.

Current state of the project

From: 2012-08-03

There are no plans to implement more rules, but I still fix all the bugs you find and might add smaller features as they are requested.

Send comments, suggestions, bug reports, praise and blame via e-mail to chargen<at>tdechargen<dot>de.

Web Start

If you install the application via the Web Start link of the latest version, you will receive automatic updates. Clicking on Web Start will lead to a jnlp-file. You can, but you do not need to download the file, just execute it directly. This will download, install and start the program. If you downloaded the jnlp-file you can use it to start the programm. If you want a real shortcut on you desktop you will have to use the Java Cache Viewer.

Control Panel->Java->General->Temporary Internet Files->Display....
note: This might not be 100% correct. I translated it from the German Windows settings, as I don't have a English Windows version. I hope you'll find your way around nevertheless.
You can always use "javaws -viewer" to start the Cache Viewer but there is probably a Java entry somewhere in your menu.
Utilities->Java->J2SE 5.0/Java SE 6->Java Cache Viewer.

In the Cache Viewer there is a button "install shortcut". To remove the program you can also use the Cache Viewer.

Version history

Here is a list of all versions of the program including the current.

Version 0.8

Download V0.8.7 update 1
All operating systems

Version 0.8.7 released on 2014-10-14.

The previous version required a too high version of Java. Update 1 only requires Java 6+.

Download V0.8.7
All operating systems

Version 0.8.7 released on 2014-09-14.

It is possible to add custom Dis-/Advantages, Spells and Special Abilities to a hero.

Download V0.8.6
All operating systems

Version 0.8.6 released on 2013-08-03.

There is a new Learning Method "free". With it Advancement does not cost AP.

Download V0.8.5 update 10
All operating systems

Version 0.8.5 update 10 released on 2013-05-30.

Bugfix: Good Memory didn't reduce the AP cost of Spells.

Version 0.8.5 update 9 released on 2011-10-22.

Bugfix: Disadvantage Violent Temper was missing for race Thorwalians.

Version 0.8.5 update 8 released on 2011-02-27.

Bugfix: The spell "Wing of Eagle" was not handled properly. Sometimes it was not possible to change the comment/name of the animal.

Version 0.8.5 update 7 released on 2010-02-28.

Bugfix: Weapon Specializations did not provide a bonus on AT/PA.

Version 0.8.5 update 6 released on 2010-02-09.

Version 0.8.5 update 5 released on 2009-05-31.

Bugfix: Character Creation wasn't possible for some combinations of Race, Culture and Profession.

Version 0.8.5 update 4 released on 2009-05-17.

Bugfix: It wasn't possible to export the metadata and, for example, create own professions.

Version 0.8.5 update 3 released on 2009-05-16.

Bugfix: The meta editors did not work.

Version 0.8.5 update 2 released on 2009-05-09.

Bugfix release. There was a program error during Character Creation, when selecting a Advantage that has a stronger version, like Good-Looking and Outstanding Looks.

Version 0.8.5 update 1 released on 2009-05-05.

Bugfix release. For example it wasn't possible to select the Talent for the Advantage Aptitude for [Talent].

Version 0.8.5 release on 2009-05-05:

Some new Features, but nothing new for the rules.

Download V0.8.4 update 1
All operating systems

Version 0.8.4 update 1 released on 2009-04-18.

This is a pure bufix release. No new features.

Update to V0.8.4: 2009-02-28

Download V0.8.3
All operating systems

Update to V0.8.3: 2009-01-15

Download V0.8.2
All operating systems

Update to V0.8.2: 2008-07-22

Download V0.8.1
All operating systems

Update to V0.8.1: 2008-04-26

Download V0.8
All operating systems

Release Date V0.8: 2007-11-20

In the new version of the program the character can be equipped with weapons, armor and shields. All data for the equipment is editable, so you can enter additional weapons. There is a new page on the character sheet, with all the equipment and combat values.

Version 0.7

Download V0.7
All operating systems

Release Date: 2007-11-07

Now it is possible to enter own races, cultures and professions in the program.

Other changes:

Version 0.6

Download V0.6
All operating systems

Release Date: 2007-10-01

For this version of the program character advancement was implemented. It's possible to load, save and advance characters.

Other changes:

Version 0.5

Download V0.5
All operating systems

Released on: 2007-09-05

This release contains the magic rules. Spells, Astral Energy, Special Abilities and so on.

It contains also a lot of bugfixes. The last version of the program had a lot of bugs. Too many. But now, that I have more time, I can concentrate more on quality than on quantity. :-)

Version 0.4

Download V0.4.3
All operating systems

Released on: 2007-08-20

Version 0.4.3 is the first version of the program with English translation.

All races, cultures and professions are available.

Nearly all rules are implemented, only the magic rules are missing (Spells, Special Abilities, ...).

Icons taken from:

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